044 When is it time to give up things that you like?

  • Make A Habit To Do The Things You like

I do not give up easily. Once I decided that something is worth doing, I will make it a habit to do it regularly.

For example, I have been writing an article weekly without fail for this blog, for 44 weeks straight, even when I was unwell or became overwhelmed with work.

I have been running and cycling regularly at least 3 times a week without fail for 13 months.

And I spend time with my children on activities like gardening, swimming and cycling weekly.

All these efforts are not tedious because I have simply made it a habit to do the things I like. I encourage you to do the same: Make it a habit to do the things you like. It certainly raises the quality of life.

  • When It Is Time To Give Up

But there is always an end to everything, no matter how much you would like to continue doing it. Knowing when to put an end to things is equally important.

Too often people end up doing something out of habits or obligations. They continue doing it even when the circumstances have changed. As a result, they lose sight of the original purpose and the joy of doing these things in the first place.

This week, I have been contemplating on giving up some things that I hold dearly: putting an end to blogging, going separate ways with some people, changing the course of my career and aborting a long overdue study plan. These are agonising decisions to make. I realise that I have no clear end-game plan in mind. But clearly to me, the circumstances have changed and some serious decisions have to be made soon.

There are no easy answers. I shall pray for wisdom to make sound decisions. For a start, I shall suspend the practice of distributing my blogposts to all my friends and family for a couple of weeks, and only send to those who ask. Perhaps, that may give me a chance to pause and rethink what truly matters.

William W. K. Tan

12 May 2018


9:30 pm

021 Afterthoughts of Vacation (1)

  • The Things We Chose To Remember And Forget

I’m not adept at taking vacation,
coz I think too much.

My mind is always filled with thoughts.

About things and people.

The good thing is I get to reflect and learn more about myself.

The bad thing is I get lost in my own thoughts.

And miss out those that I also value.

Do you have the same problem?

Some people return from vacation feeling revitalised.

Others return home feeling more lethargic than ever.

Where does their difference lie?

I think it lies in what you have chosen to remember and forget.

If all you remember is your bodily gratification, then all you do is probably to eat, shop and play.

But have you forgotten about your spiritual and emotional needs?

Do not forget to empty your mind.

And to let go of your emotions.

When it’s time to take a pause,

stop for that moment.

Think of nothing else.

Allow the beautiful sight

that comes before your eyes

to etch into your heart eternally.

I halt when I caught sight

of the Melaka River

in this gloomy rainy weather.

Don’t you find it melancholic yet


The next moment,

I heard my wife exclaimed,

“Look! A big crocodile in the river!”

Wow! There, it is.

Suddenly, the same river no longer

look the same anymore.

How’s interesting!

Very often,

people rely on cameras

to capture memories.

Yet memories only stay

in our hearts

when emotions are stirred.

In many homes,

people display pictures

to keep memories.

Sadly, so often

memories have faded

even before

the pictures turn dull.

Always keep in mind,

Listen to your heart

When it comes to

people and things

that matter.

William W K Tan

30/11/2017, Thursday

Personal Notes

I’ve just taken a vacation in Melaka.

A place so near,

Yet I’ve never been there before.

Found this place has a strong

atmosphere of humanities, history

and culture.

There is no short of

local produce,

boutique cafes and

delicious cuisines.

Immediately I developed a liking

for Melaka.

In the next issue, I will continue to

share my thoughts about taking

vacations. And I will be introducing

you to “The Geographer Cafe” in

Melaka that my good friend and an

excellent Kumon Instructor Ms Loo

had recommended me.