Live till 100?

I think it’s a long shot to aim at becoming a centenarian. But I have a good reason to work on longevity- my elder son is a child with special needs.

I wish to stay strong and old enough to be with him as long as possible. Read more on blogpost 058: “The Biggest Worry of Caregivers”, if you are interested.

Whether I live to a ripe old age is a goal I give myself, but it is definitely not my purpose. My purpose is to live life to the fullest. To live to till 100, therefore means, putting in a 100% effort in our endeavours

Do you still remember the joy of getting a score of πŸ’― in school? The joy is greatest when you least expect it. So let’s give our best efforts and accept whatever the outcome may be.

Live till 100 is an attitude to live life fully.

William W K Tan (also known as Uncle William)

Originally written on 11 February 2019

1st Revised on 13 April 2019

2nd Revised on 8 August 2019