067 A Blog Hiatus

I have decided to take a break. A brief hiatus of two weeks from everything I usually do, including blogging.

It’s a month of school holidays for the children in June. And it’s also a time for the family to spend time doing something different.

Finally, after nearly a decade of patience, my wife has come around the idea that Japan’s fallout from Fukushima nuclear plant in 2011 is unlikely to make our elder son’s autism any worse. Still, to play safe, we have decided on Kyushu, the southwestern most of Japan’s main islands, as our next holiday destination.

Source: https://wow-j.com/en/Allguides/kyushu/

We will be covering the cities of Fukuoka, Oita, Kumamoto and Nagasaki, which are thousands of kilometres away from Fukushima. I was clueless about all these places, but I have researched to the best of my efforts. Hopefully, all the travel plans I have made will work out smoothly.

Photo: Cover summary of my 13-page itinerary

As a person who is fond of the Japanese culture and proficient in the language, I’m hoping a visit to Japan will develop in Conan, an interest for a third language and its culture. Knowing one more foreign language opens an entire new world for a person. I really hope that the charms of Japan will rub off on him.

I shall resume blogging from 15 June onwards. If anyone misses reading my blogs, even just a little, would you let me know? Often, it is the comments from you that encourage me to think and write more.

I am especially grateful to those who read my blog regularly. It really helps to keep the connection between us strong. And it motivates me to write better with someone in mind.

Already, I have a hunch that I may end up writing more with the long flight hours. And hopefully, my writing style will evolve to a higher level after this break.

Have a good weekend! See you in two weeks’ time.

William W K Tan

31 May 2019

14 thoughts on “067 A Blog Hiatus

    1. 谢谢妳长期以来,一直鼓励我写作的了。妳用中文留言也提醒了我,是否该以中文书写,因为我好喜欢中文。


  1. 闲暇之余可以发一些照片,告诉大家你的新发现,新感悟。祝旅途开心!


  2. Have an amazing time bonding with your family. Hide the gadgets except for the camera! Just focus on the conversations, scenery, food (chew every morsel), drink the best teas / coffees, smell the air, stroll and rest your mind… empty everything so that when you are back, you have a refreshed spirit that can start to absorb and be filled again…

    May God bless your family with journey mercy, peace, love and joy! Have fun!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think you’ve put in a lot of effort to plan for the trip Xiao Yi Zhang! Enjoy the rest of the trip!


    1. Thanks Xue Si. I am happy to see their smiles.. so far seem so good.. if anything, just that I overly-stressed myself when I cannot plan well enough for the entire group of 3 families, comprised of 11 people with different interests and food preferences.


    2. I am most heartened by the assistance of the young people like Shi Zhou, Ying Xuan and Xue Hui. Your sis, Xue Hui, in particular, has been a great help in every way. She has blossomed a lot, very confident n caring like you.


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