046 Just Let Things Go And Don’t Turn Back

  • Just Blog Quietly

Some friends remarked that I have stopped blogging recently. The truth is I still blog weekly without fail. Just that I was afraid to spread my blues to others accidentally. That’s why I chose to blog quietly, rather than sending to all my friends and family as usual.

I do not intend to hide my thoughts as I have always wanted to live my life openly and fully. And my primary purpose of sharing my blog is to spread energy and love, not gloom. It would be pretentious to act as if I was all good and well when I am not. So the best thing to do, I reckon, is to blog quietly.

  • Just Mood Swings

Still, some friends who have subscribed to my blog, read my previous blogposts and became concerned. They were careful not to ask what was troubling me so as not to intrude on my privacy. In each their own ways, they showed concern, gave advice and encouraged me.

A friend A believed that I must had been too hard on myself. Another friend B reminded me that nothing else matters more than the family and friends you cherish. A friend C told me to put grievances behind. A friend D shared that she writes her troubles off like me. A friend E expressed confidence that I would definitely come out of my troubles stronger.

With so many kind-hearted friends around, it was hard to wallow in self-pity. In jest, I told them, “Probably men’s menopause, aka andropause. I am having mood swings that I couldn’t explain.” That drew some chuckles.

  • Just let things go

Everyone feels troubled from time to time. I am someone who often remains optimistic because I believe there is always rainbow after the rain. But this time, all I could see were dark clouds thickening and an ominous storm brewing abruptly! And instead of bracing for the storm bravely, I found myself standing, frozen in fear.

Metaphorically, it sounded like a crisis, eh?In real terms, it wasn’t even close to a matter of life and death. It was just some matters pertaining to human relationships, personal pursuits and work. The moment I could see from that perspective, I realise how foolish I had been. The solution was elegantly simple: just let things go.

And don’t turn back. It works!

William W. K. Tan

26 May 2018

p.s: Still, I would be awfully busy with a number of serious stuff to do from now onwards, so I may have to put blogging on the back burner for the time being. Sorry folks…

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