O30 Lessons From Women: Love And Looks

A colleague K, who became an ardent reader of my blog, asked if I could write something novel. She said,

“You’re always on the same topics about health, love and life. How about writing something that remains characteristically William yet not so predictable.”

I get it. People are getting bored with reading the same stuff I write (laugh). Time for a change before my readership plummets. I thought hard at her suggestion.

Here is what I’ve decided to write this week – “What I learnt about love and looks from women.” Sounds interesting?

  • Lesson One: Learn About Love From Women

Women never quite understand why men find it so hard to utter the three simple words “I love you.” Some believe that men see confession of love as a sign of weakness. Others believe that men see more value in action than in words. Why is it so difficult for men to talk about love?

The truth is men get jitters when they are being questioned, “Do you love me?” Men know that no answer is good enough to women.

I find women demonstrate a greater appreciation of love in their roles in men’s lives as wives, mothers, sisters, teachers, confidants and more. It is not that men are clueless about love, just perhaps women know love a little more.

Lesson Two: Learn To Appreciate Aesthetics From Women

Looks are superficial. But the truth is, it matters a lot. Women know that much better than men because women and men are not fairly evaluated on the same scale for physical appearance.

Men who are lacking in the looks’ department, can always make up with personality, money and fame. But women cannot compensate looks with non-physical virtues easily as men tend to place a premium on physical appearance.

Perhaps it is for this reason, some obnoxious men mistakenly believe that their wives have to keep attractive, while they are allowed to turn obese and bald.

Contrary to such mistaken belief, I’ve learnt that women maintain good physical appearance neither out of societal pressure nor for men. Simply, aesthetic boosters make them feel good about themselves. That is also something about looks that more men are now learning from women.

I have more lessons from women to share. That is, only if you’d like to read them.

William W.K. Tan

4 February, 2018

2 thoughts on “O30 Lessons From Women: Love And Looks

  1. Hahaha … "Women never quite understand why men find it so hard to utter the three simple words “I love you.” Me too , this is very difficult for me to speak this 3 words.
    I can bravely to apologize by ” I am sorry! ” But do not know why say “I love you!” is extremely hard…:)


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