029 Two Precious Health Lessons: Keep Warm And Eat-Move-Sleep-Relax Well

Getting Sick: How often and how long?

How often do you catch a flu? And how long does it typically last for you?

The most recent one took me eight days to recover, albeit some minor symptoms continued to linger even now. The one prior to that, took two weeks. All in all, I had two bouts of flu in less than a month. Evidence of a weak immunity against viral infection.

Yet, I was completely immune from viral illnesses for eight consecutive months last year. It prompted an obvious question:

“Why do I fall sick more easily than before?

Here are two precious lessons I have gleaned from reflection.

1. Be Ready For Rapid Changes In Temperatures

I had under-estimated the effect of cold temperature exposure on my body. The weather had turned chillier with frequent rain. But I took no precaution. Even when the temperature dropped to its lowest in decades, I was still in my usual t-shirt and shorts. And there were chilly nights that I slept without a blanket.

Lesson learnt: Wear appropriate clothing to keep warm always.

2. Moderate How Much To Eat, Move And Sleep

My daily health routine of eat-move-sleep in moderation was disrupted. The frequent overseas travels in December, both for work and family, was the biggest disruption.

Thinking back, even though I continued to work out daily, I had reduced cardiovascular exercises in favour of muscle-building exercises like weightlifting. I suspect that might have dented my immunity defence in the respiratory system, which is the first defence against viral infection. Time to get back to running.

And admittedly, I was indulging in too much good food during the travels and at the year-end parties with family and friends. Now I am not gonna make the same mistake in the coming Chinese New Year celebrations.

I am an early sleeper who turns in by 10 pm. But I broke the rule too often in the past 2 months. The reasons were aplenty: Returning home late after a social gathering, becoming engrossed in a Netflix TV drama or some reality shows till late hours, and reading into the wee hours of the night just because the sleep bugs had disappeared.

Lesson learnt: Adhere strictly to the Eat-Move-Sleep routine. And yes, not to forget, got to relax too.

William W K Tan

28 January 2018

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