011 What Happened Over Ten Weeks Of Blogging

Ten weeks has passed since I started blogging. Here are the results.

What these figures mean to me are:

1. Blogging checked!

Eleven posts published over a time span of 10 weeks! That means I managed to write consistently an article every week without fail. I guess, I can now tick off blogging on my bucket list.

2. A Great Start!

Together, the blog attracted 600 visitors and almost twice as many views over a period of 10 weeks. That translates to about 60 people reading the post weekly, and it seems that you like it enough to read it more than once.  This is surely an encouraging start for a beginner blogger!

  • Harvesting of friendship

You are among the first who I have invited to my blogging journey. I have no idea how long I can continue and how far it will take me. But I know that I am already enjoying this journey because of you.

Many of you are kind enough to message me your thoughts and feelings after reading my blog, which has become the part I enjoy most after publishing each post. Such exchange got us to know more about each other in barely 2 months than we did in years.

I believe the greatest gain I get out from blogging is the harvesting of friendship. Long-lost friendships are reignited, existing friendships are growing and new friendships are flourishing. In effect, it even bring joy to home, workplace and the neighbourhood.

  • At Home 

My 11-years-old son was pleasantly surprised that his Dad blogs. The first thing he said after reading my blog, however, was a word of caution, “Dad, you really have to be careful with your grammar and spelling.”

I laughed heartily as I knew he would say that. But the best part was the conversation that followed.

After reading my struggles with friendship in post 06: “Lessons on Friendship”, my son felt comfortable enough to share the problems he faced with making new friends and keeping old ones since he changed school almost 2 years ago. 

Like father like son, I thought. We cherish friends, but not adept at the art of friendship yet. Nonetheless, having a heart-to-heart conversation with my son really made my day. 

  • At Workplace 

When my colleagues read about my plight of being all alone in hospital for days (Post 06: Lessons on Friendship), the most laughable response was “I will surely visit you the next time you stay in a hospital!” 

The same post also generated other more thought-provoking responses. A friend shared how betrayals by friends in business had made him wary of friendship. Another friend told me she concluded that maintaining friendships are futile endeavours, which is why she is learning to enjoy being alone. I would never know all these struggles they have outside work if they have chosen not to share with me. Instantly, I felt their trust in me.

Although we share different views about dealing with the challenges about friendship, their candidness allowed us to foster mutual trust and develop a deeper appreciation of one another not merely as colleagues, but also as friends.

  • In The Neighbourhood

All this while, I enjoy a cordial relationship with my neighbours. We greet and smile whenever we meet. But we seldom make conversations, as everyone always seem to be in a hurry. Things went up a few notches since I shared my blog with a few friendly neighbours. Just a couple of days ago, we shared a cup of tea together!

After I posted on a homemade remedy (post 10 “Homemade Remedy: Tangerine Peel Brown Rice Tea”), I was delighted that a neighbour texted to ask if she could sample it. I was more than happy to share with her and another neighbour who we regularly meet in the gym.

My neighbour reciprocated by sharing her own concoction of homemade “Bentong” ginger tea (文冬姜茶) which happened to be one of my favourite teas. And through her, I got to know another neighbour who generously shared his testimony of an effective detox program that he had undergone in Thailand recently. These are small acts of kindness that got started when people start to know each other better. 

My neighbour and a new-found friend C told me his observation, “By opening yourself to others through your blog, you are also encouraging others to open to you. It takes a lot of efforts and courage to do so, but it is really good.” 

  • Using pockets of time 

Not to over-exaggerate my efforts, blogging is actually quite manageable. You might be wondering how much time I spent on writing each blog post. Well, it really depends on the topic, mostly between 1-3 days. I simply write as and when there are pockets of spare time and work towards a self-determined deadline to complete by Wednesday.

Mostly, I make use of the time when commuting to work on public transport. I also blog often at the airports and on flights when travelling overseas. So, the trade-off I made on blogging is lesser time spent on online entertainment, but the returns have been tremendous.

William W K Tan 

20 September 2017

Written in Mumbai, India.

Personal Notes:

Trapped in the hotel now because of heavy rain. Schools are closed and flights disrupted. Hopefully, get to return home on schedule tomorrow.

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