002 Fennel for healing        

Having read Sebastian Liew’s “From Leaf to Life”, I became intrigued with fennel as a herb and attracted to its said benefits of promoting intestinal well-being, relieving sinusitis , reducing uric acid and eliminating tiredness of the eyes.  Health concerns that I considered relevant to my body conditions.

Fennel is said to be rich in Vitamin A and many other antioxidants. Here are two types of fennel seeds I found in a regular vegetables stall in a wet market. I was asked if I wanted the big fennel (大茴香) or the small fennel (小茴香). Not knowing the difference, I bought both. Anyway it merely costed me SGD$1 for the two small packets.

I turned the seeds into fennel tea, simply by filtering with hot boiling water. Immediately, I recognised that fennel is a spice that is commonly found in Indian cuisine, an acquired taste that is not quite to my liking. Between the two types, I found the big fennel to be more palatable to my taste, having a stronger herbal taste than a spice.

Both fennels produce an immediate effect of relieving bloatedness, a condition I had to deal with after a colonoscopy check up two days ago. Also, I found that it is also effective in the producing a clean stream of urine shortly after drinking.

I was cautioned by a good friend that I should not brew the fennel in such a simplistic manner.  Her advice was not to drink the first brew and reduce the amount I used to just a small pinch. It seemed that like the way most teas are treated, the right thing to do is to fry the fennel seeds with salt before brewing.

That would be too troublesome, I thought. Perhaps, I should buy fennel tea off the shelves in the supermarket. I could not find it in Fairprice Finest and Unity pharmacy. Fortunately, it is available in Cold Storage, costing no more than SGD$6. 

There is no known side effects of fennel. Let’s see if I can share more of its benefits  in a month’s time from now. Meanwhile, if you have other useful information to share on your use of fennel, please let me know.

William W.K.Tan

1 Aug 2017, Tuesday

Written in Colombo, Sri Lanka

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