001 Living a life true to myself 忠于自己的人生 自分の本当に望む人生を過ごす

1. One of the top regrets of dying people, it seems, is to have lived a life others expected of them and not lead the life true to themselves.

2. 据说对将死之人,最大的遗憾之一,是为了顺应别人的期许而过了一辈子,错过忠于自己的人生。

3. 死にゆく人が人生で一番な後悔の一つは、他人の期待に応えようと生きて、自分の本当に望む人生を過ごさなかっただそうです。


Admittedly, I am guilty as charged for not leading a life completely true to myself. To be true to myself, I probably have to rethink and make tough decisions about work and relationships.

But again, a bigger question is whether I have thought through what I truly want from life with clarity.

Without an answer to this question, it is a folly to commit a mistake of thinking “I deserve better” when what I should really do is to cherish the people and work opportunities I perhaps undeservingly have now.

It is a worthy thought to live life to the fullest without regrets, but it must not be used as an excuse to make selfish choices in life.

29 July 2017, Sat

William W K Tan

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